TPL awarded 2022 International Innovation Awards

Turning Point Lasers Wins International Innovation Award 2022 for High Brightness Blue Direct Diode Laser

Turning Point Lasers Corp. (TPL) product High Brightness Blue Direct Diode Laser was awarded the 2022 International Innovation Award on Dec 16, 2022.

The International Innovation Awards (IIA) was launched by Enterprise Asia, a renowned non-government organization (NGO), in 2017. This award recognition program aims to create an innovation ecosystem for enterprises and is held annually to recognize outstanding innovations across the globe. This year, the IIA drew an exceptional mix of submissions across 19 countries, including Brazil, Cambodia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and United States. After undergoing a rigorous evaluation process by a jury of prominent judges, 39 innovations were selected and crowned winners from over 200 applications across three categories: Product, Service & Solution, and Organization & Culture. TPL’s High Brightness Blue Direct Diode Lasers received recognition in the "Product” category.

Turning Point Lasers Corp. is the only company in Taiwan that specializes in high-power semiconductor lasers development. High-power semiconductor lasers are necessary for the high-profile advanced applications that stemmed from Industry 4.0. Unmanned factories, electric vehicles (EV), 5G broadband high-speed network, lidar, 3D precision packaging, nano-scale semiconductor fabrication, sub-micron accuracy material processing, additive manufacturing, new hetero-materials, and the defense industry all have their roots in high-power semiconductor lasers.

TPL’s High Brightness Blue Direct Diode Laser is an effective solution for producing many of the applications of Industry 4.0, such as the batteries and motors typical in electronic vehicles. The laser well suited for processing non-ferrous metals such as Cu, Ag, and Au used to construct these batteries and motors. Cu is especially widely used due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity, but the processing is tricky, and alloy making is difficult. High-brightness blue lasers, such as TPL’s, addresses these problems. The density of copper alloy made by blue DDL is almost the same as one made by forge process. Additionally, blue laser does not generate spatter and voids typically seen during IR laser or traditional electric welding. This not only enhances the safety of EV batteries and motors, but also the lifetime. Considering the target of net-zero emissions by 2050, combustion engines will be fully replaced by 2035. Using blue laser processes to produce electronic vehicles become especially critical since batteries, electric motors, circuits, and car body cutting and welding all use Cu metals. With blue direct diode lasers, robotic arms can be used instead of hard-to-find welders for accuracy and efficiency. TPL’s High Brightness Blue Direct Diode Laser will help meet the industrial development goals of the next generation.

By using TPL's unique ultra-high brightness fiber-coupled module with all-fiber design, TPL’s blue direct diode laser has achieved the highest brightness in the market. Additionally, it is cost-effective, energy saving, has low power consumption (only 10% of general industrial infrared laser, 5% of traditional electric welding), and is compact and rigid. Enterprise Asia has recognized TPL’s High Brightness Blue Direct Diode Laser as a product that will innovate the future of production.

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