Laser Technical Support Service

Rebuild/Repair Lasers Used in Equipment

The product special features:

  • Replace pump laser diode
  • Replace doubling crystal
  • Re-alignment laser cavity
  • 6 month for laser head
  • 12 month for replacing component

Turning Point Lasers offers best value for repairing, rebuilding, and replacing DPSS (diode pumped solid state) lasers and diode laser modules. Our in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and broad suppy network has helped solve many persistent and irresolvable problems from first-tier semiconductor manufacturing companies in Taiwan. We are well equipped with critical optical crystals (sometimes customized), laser diodes, laser stacks and other components for replacement. We have a class-100 clean room designed to minimize dust and particles in the air. We have complete test equipment and tooling to test all aspects of laser performance such as output power vs current, output power vs temperature, beam profile and beam stability. Partner with TPL, and bring quality laser maintenance at quality price into your workplace.

Testing items:

Power level(50mW)and stability

Polarization direction

Beam Profile


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