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Energy Saving Auto Power Control (APC) Laser Module

The product special features:

  • Automatic Power Control CW operation driving current up to 300mA
  • Simple power adjustment via the external resistor
  • Selectable Laser current limitation ( 100mA or 300mA )
  • Under Voltage protection
  • Available in SOT23-5

Product description

The EMD2160 is a LASER Diode (LD) driver with up to 300mA driving capability and 10kHz pulsed operation. To prevent driving LD with improper large current, a current limit circuit is designed in. Once the protecting circuit is triggered 3 times, the main driver would be ceased and wake-up it again by re-power on.

The CL100 is designed for selecting current limit levels.
When CL100=Low, the current limit level is set around 300mA.
When CL100=VCC or Floating, the current limit is set around 100mA.

Typical application circuit for Red Laser

For High VF Laser Diode ( Green Laser )

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