Fiber Lasers for Special applications.

Nanosecond multi-pulse Fiber Lasers

The product special features:

  • Patented 3ns pulse fiber laser with 15KW peak power
  • Performance compatiable to picosecend fiber laser.
  • Multi-pulse design reduces the debris.
  • High peak power to averge power ratio.
  • Modular design easy to fit any system

Product description

Fiber Lasers are one of the most important components for material processing, offering many advantages over CO2 and solid-state lasers used in the conventional advanced tooling machine. Superior beam quality, small size, a simple cooling system, no physical mirrors and the lack of an expensive vibration-free optical table all make fiber lasers superior to CO2 and solid-state lasers. While CO2 and solid-state lasers have already revolutionized the tooling machine industry, fiber lasers offer even greater value. Higher peak power and multiple beam shape result in shorter cycle time and a smoother surface. The only downside is the high cost of fiber lasers, especially for small and medium-size enterprises who need this technology to upgrade their products.

TPL has a solution. By manufacturing application-specific fiber lasers using our low-cost service, TPL offers customized fiber lasers at affordable cost. If you need it, we can make it. Our latest request for a precision resistor-trimming fiber laser uses nanosecond pulses to reduce the heat damage during the cutting of materials; as a result, the tolerance of resistance value can be controlled within 0.01% during real time, 1000 times better than the traditional 10% range. Partner with TPL, and let TPL turn your business into a success.

Specification Table

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Average Power2.733.3Watt
Peak Power101520KW
Rising time
Falling time
Spot size678mm
Divergence angle0.080.10.12mrad
pointing laser power0.512mW
Power Consumption305070Watt
Working Temperature0
Storage Temperature-10
Warm Up Time

Length of Fiber11.52m


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